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Welcome to our articles section where we talk about all things web hosting. To make things easier, we decided to post popular topics and questions about web hosting. We know that it can all be overwhelming and a little bit complicated so we hope this section makes things easier for you.

Which Web Hosting Plan Should I Go With?

It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking for something super cheap? Or a web hosting plan that will hardly ever have down time (essentially, you want to avoid companies that can’t keep your website up and running). Is this for a personal website or a business website? It’s really a fine balance you have to walk with price, quality, and customer support being the three main pillars that define a web host company.

In general, we like Bluehost, iPage, Fatcow, and InMotion Hosting. The first several particularly Bluehost and iPage offer exceptional value. Between the two, we found Bluehost to be faster, more reliable, and offers the topping on the cake of friendly customer service. InMotion Hosting is more expensive but well worth the additional cost if you are running a business on the hosting plan.

Is Bluehost Any Good?

Good reviews:

– “I have had my sites hosted with BlueHost for almost three years now with so few problems and so little down time that they can’t be reasonably expressed as percentages – 0.00% if rounded to two decimal places. From what I can tell from what I read on the BlueHost forums – the only people who have problems hosting their sites on BlueHost are those whose sites don’t fit the criteria for which the BlueHost hosting was set up for in the first place. I am sure those same people would complain equally loadly about any other shared hosting provider if they tried their service since most of what theose people are tring to do with their hosting requires a VPS account at a minimum (or a total rewrite of their scripts to work properly and efficiently).” – from SitePoint

– “Have been on the net for past 15 years I tried every hosting literally but the best I believe is only Bluehost. Good customer services and exceptional support. Cheap reliable and 100% uptime since 2 years now . Unlimited hosting/bandwidth where else can you get this from 🙂 So I suggest to use them”. – from Cheap Web Hosting website

– “I am almost computer illiterate but needed to build a website for my wife who is a writer. We couldn’t afford to hire a pro so I surfed the web and came across Bluehost. From the first phone call it became apparent that I could accomplish this task with their tech support. I called 4-5 times a day, asking the most basic questions, and never once was treated like a dummy. The support people were friendly, patient, helpful, and effective. I was advised to use Weebly for my site builder because it was the most user friendly. Great suggestion! It took me 4 days to create 4 pages–not your “create a website in 20 minutes” speed, of course, but pretty fast for an old coot like me. In short, the site is up, looks great, and I would highly recommend Bluehost” – from Web Hosting Geeks

Not so good reviews:

– “Bluehost is ok. They provide cheap hosting, but if you need hosting for a business website, I would really recommend that you choose a host with better performance. InMotion is the largest web hosting company for businesses. They are very well known and recommended for business websites.” – from BestWebHostingProvider.com